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Can Anyone Get Contact Lenses?

Have you recently learned you need to wear glasses or contacts? Have you always worn glasses to correct your vision but now wonder if contacts would work better for you?

If you’ve never worn contacts before, it’s normal to have questions. You may want to know if contacts would work to correct your vision and if they’ll be comfortable to wear.

Many people also wonder if contacts work for everyone, regardless of vision prescription or eye health. Keep reading to learn more about contact lenses and whether or not anyone can get them!

What Are Contact Lenses?

A contact lens is made of a very thin piece of plastic to create an artificial lens that corrects vision issues, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. For people who don’t like to wear glasses, contacts can be a great alternative.

They are especially popular with people who play sports or have an active lifestyle, as contacts don’t get in the way like glasses often do. Contact lenses work well for many people and millions with vision problems can use them to correct their vision. 

What Makes Someone a Good Candidate For Contacts?

Contact lenses today can work for you whether you only have slight vision problems or your vision is very poor. But, while contacts work for most people, it’s still a good idea to know what makes you a good candidate for these vision aids. 

To be a suitable candidate for contacts, you should:

  • Already consistently wear glasses: If you only need glasses for occasional tasks, you can still wear contacts, but they might not be necessary. 
  • Be willing to care for them: Wearing contacts requires more daily maintenance than glasses. You must commit to replacing them when necessary and cleaning them with a contact solution daily. For this reason, younger children aren’t great candidates for contact lenses.
  • Not having certain eye conditions: If you have dry eye problems or some cornea issues, contacts may worsen these issues so wearing contacts isn’t advisable. 

How Do You Care For Contact Lenses?

There are different kinds of contacts, so you’ll want to follow instructions from your eye doctor on how to wear and replace them. Generally speaking, you should follow these tips to care for your contacts:

  • See an eye doctor regularly to ensure you’re using the right contacts
  • Don’t sleep in contact lenses
  • Take out contacts to shower, swim, hot tub, or bathe
  • Maintain your contact lenses with a contact solution
  • Keep your contact lens case clean by rinsing it with a contact lens solution

These are the overall steps for caring for your contacts. Once you receive yours, your eye doctor will give you more detailed instructions based on the type and information from the manufacturer. 

Call Simone Eye Center for a Consultation

Still have questions about using contacts? Our eye care team can help you with that. With an eye exam, our eye doctors can determine your candidacy for contact lens wear.

During the exam, they will also determine your vision prescription and ensure it’s accurate. From there, your eye doctor will help you order the right contacts for your vision and can talk to you about contact care instructions and wearing them comfortably.

Do you want to learn more about contact lenses or determine if they might be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Simone Eye Center in Warren or Macomb Township, MI today!

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