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Dr. Simone was fabulous! He personally examined my eyes to make sure I was able to have LASIK and discussed all the risks and benefits of the surgery with me. I felt at ease and was not rushed during the examination. He took the time to answer all my questions and make me feel less nervous about undergoing surgery. His staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable. I received a call before and after my procedure, which I felt was above-and-beyond the call of duty. My results have been wonderful and he has given me my vision back. I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to Dr. Simone and have done so already!!! Thank you for helping me enjoy life again without the hassle of glasses.
~ Kay.

We help alleviate nerves.

It is absolutely true that I felt very nervous and apprehensive about having LASIK surgery. But after meeting with Dr. Simone and his staff I was less nervous and more anxious to complete the procedure. I felt very comfortable. There were a few reasons for this:

(1) The professional nature of the staff and facilities. It may sound funny, but the cleanliness and impeccable orderliness of the office made me feel more at ease. (2) Dr. Simone has a contagious confidence about him. I felt comfortable having him do my procedure. (3) The fact that the procedure is performed at Beaumont Hospital was a huge factor! I trust the equipment and operations. (4) Lastly, and most significantly, was the fact that Dr. Simone was recommended by two Beaumont doctors. I would rather go to someone recommended by a doctor than to a clinic or eye center that I had heard about on a catchy radio or TV commercial. The post-surgery follow up has been excellent! Dr. Simone has made himself available on a number of occasions to answer my questions. I have already recommended the Simone Eye Center to three coworkers.
~ Chris B.”Glassless since Feb ’06”

I had CK surgery in Jan ’06. Surgery was painless and for a few days after I had irritation in one small spot. It felt like an eyelash in my eye. But by putting the drops in on time, the irritation went away. My vision has improved greatly and it’s nice not to have to wear glasses. I have recommended Dr. Simone and his knowledgeable staff for this procedure or anything else to do with eyes. The most important part to me was that I was informed every step of the way as to what to expect and this was very comforting to me.
~ Barb R.

We can help change your life.

The staff and doctor were so friendly from my first phone call to each and every visit. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have the”CK” surgery and from everything I had heard, I wasn’t sure I would decide to have it. Everyone was very empathetic with me, walked me through everything that was going to take place and stayed with me the whole time. In less than 15 minutes I was out of the procedure room and ready to go home. I saw Dr. Simone the next day and was reading WITHOUT THE HELP OF MY READING GLASSES. I was astonished. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough to say for my wonderful experience.
~ Mary.

“I wanted to watch my children swim without the problems of contacts or water-splattered glasses. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!”
~ Julie

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