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3 Tips For Preventing Eye Strain and Fatigue When Using Digital Devices

In the modern age, it’s almost impossible to avoid using a digital device. Individuals use their computers for work and education, and there are a lot of great entertainment options that use screens. 

Movies, TV shows, online scrolling, and video games can hold our attention for hours. After a while, though, all that screen time can take a toll on your eyes. 

Eye strain and fatigue is an ever-growing problem as we rely more and more on digital devices. Keep reading to learn three tips for preventing eye strain and fatigue when using digital devices!

Why Does Screen Time Cause Eye Strain?

Excessive amounts of screen time can strain your eyes in a few different ways. 

You Aren’t Blinking as Much

When you are engaged with screens, your eyes naturally blink less often. Blinking is an essential part of keeping your eyes comfortable and your vision clear. 

It provides a new layer of tears, which hydrates and lubricates the surface of the eye. When you aren’t consistently blinking, the surface of your eyes can become dry, causing numerous symptoms.

Your Focus is Too Close For Too Long 

When looking at something on the computer, most people are staring at a screen that is less than two feet from their face. When this goes on for an extended period of time, it can cause headaches and blurry vision.

Your eyes have muscles inside of them that push, pull, and stretch a lens inside of your eye. That is how you change focus. 

When you keep your lens in one position for too long, it can make it harder to change focus and cause headaches.

You Are Exposing Yourself to Blue Light

Screens give off blue light. While blue light is not exceptionally dangerous to your eyes, it can affect your sleep cycle. 

A chronic lack of sleep will affect your overall tiredness, as well as add to your eye fatigue.

How Do I Prevent Eye Strain?

Keeping your eyes healthy and refreshed in today’s society can be surprisingly challenging. Here are three helpful tips to avoid tiring our eyes out.

Set Timers for Breaks

Just because you need to use your computer for work, doesn’t mean you can’t take some quick breaks. Set a timer for twenty minutes. 

When it goes off, pick a spot about twenty feet away from you. Count to twenty as you stare across the room. 

When you’re finished, reset the timer and repeat. This is called the 20/20/20 rule, and it can help your eyes stay comfortable.

Use Eye Drops for Symptoms

If you need immediate relief from eye fatigue, do not rub your eyes. It will not provide lasting comfort, and you could cause your eyes to feel worse.

Instead, use some eye drops to rehydrate your eyes. There are many types of lubricating eye drops available. 

Ask your eye doctor at Simone Eye Center which eye drops are best for you.

Spend Less Time Using Screens Altogether

Most people end up spending way more time on their screens than they actually need to. While it can’t always be avoided, you should try to limit your screen time as much as possible.

Are you experiencing eye strain? Schedule an appointment at Simone Eye Center in in either Warren or Macomb Township today!

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