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True Tear

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The TrueTear Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator by Allergan is FDA-cleared to increase tear production in adults with dry eye. Dr. Varanelli was the first in Michigan to offer TrueTear for patients who cannot produce enough tears to properly lubricate their eyes.

Neurostimulation has been used for more than 30 years to treat a variety of conditions, but TrueTear is the first to be used for temporarily increasing tear production. It is an exciting development for dry eye sufferers because it offers a non-invasive and drug-free solution to the chronic condition. Since dry eye treatment is an ongoing effort, TrueTear provides a convenient method of resolving the irritating symptoms associated with lack of tear production.

Benefits of the TrueTear Device

Every patient will have a slightly different experience using the TrueTearintranasal device, but in general, you can expect the following benefits:

    • Temporary increase in tear production
    • Reduced eye irritation due to dryness
    • Non-invasive treatment method
    • Drug-free dry eye solution
    • Easy-to-use device

How It Works

After the TrueTear handheld device is inserted into the nose, the tip sends small electrical pulses into the tissue to stimulate tear production. Before each use, a new disposable tip is attached to the base. These tips are composed of a hydrogel material, similar to that of contact lenses, helping conduct the electrical current. The base has five levels of stimulation, allowing you to adjust the intensity until you feel a mild tingling. This sensation means you are touching the correct tissue, which leads to the formation of tears.

True Tear Device

Each TrueTear session typically takes less than three minutes to complete, though the process can be stopped at any time if you have achieved an adequate amount of tears. The device should be used twice daily, or as needed, to maintain a satisfactory level of tear production.


Dr. Varanelli offers a variety of dry eye treatments to help patients with varying needs to obtain the most beneficial solution. For those interested in TrueTear, we must first determine their candidacy to ensure it is the best method for their dry eye. Those who relate to the following are typically eligible for treatment with TrueTear:

    • Tears evaporate too quickly
    • Eyes do not produce enough tears
    • Dry and painful eyes
    • 22 years or older

In addition, common questions for patients that may indicate they are candidates include:

    • Do you feel the need to use eye drops?
    • Do you suffer from red, watery eyes?
    • Does your vision change or fluctuate throughout the day?
    • Do your eyes feel sandy or gritty?

TrueTear is not recommended for patients who frequently experience nosebleeds or have a condition that leads to increased bleeding. Further details regarding your candidacy will be discussed during your dry eye evaluation. Should you be prescribed the intranasal device, it is important that you follow your doctor’s advice to minimize potential side effects and obtain optimal effectiveness.

If you would like to learn more about TrueTear and how it may help alleviate your dry eye symptoms, please contact us to set up your consultation or request an appointment today!


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